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Friendfield Marina Events


Your support is very important to Friendfield Marina there is still a lot to be done and we need your donations in order to buy the supplies that are needed to maintain the docks and make new improvements. Currently no dues are being collected to take care of routine maintenance

of the marina. Your help is needed. We hope that you will volunteer to help with future cleanups and events.


As we move forward I would like to hear from all of you about adding water and electricity to the docks. We will be setting up and escrow account for these improvements. Right now, it will cost each slip owner $1,200.00 to have this done. This will only increase the value of your

docks and make them more use able for everyone.


                  For those of you that would like to sale your boat slips please let me know so I can put you on

                  the list of slips for sale. If you need a realtor you can use:

                                                        Tom Santopietro

                                                         Cell (843) 685-6278

                                                         Office (843) 314-3177





The Friendfield Marina will be having a Spring Event on April 2nd thru 7th. All who wish to attend please contact us as we work out all details for 

this Spring Event.

Pictures of what was accomplished back in October.   1. Sun set  2. Flying the Colors 3. clean docks   4. galley of the event

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